- Income Tax Return preparation service (free)

Income Tax Return preparation service (free)


Please note, you will get exactly the same result at the end of each (free/remote) income tax return preparation process. However, there are different ways of reaching this result. Here we explain how to get your professionally made income tax return for free.

How to prepare your income tax return for free

Here is the trick.

  • Do your personal income tax return with us;
  • Then bring 4 of your friends (relatives, co-workers, etc.) to us;
  • As soon as they do their income tax returns with us, you will get all your money back.

That is it.

If you have an extended family, one or two members of your family could get their income tax returns for free. Usually (in 94.2% cases) our clients come back to us each and every income tax return season, which means you will receive your tax returns for free year after year.

Note: your friends must be from the same tax payer's group as you are.